The O-shot/PRP

If you are a woman finding that you are suffering from low libido, difficulty reaching orgasm, difficulty becoming aroused, painful intercourse, vaginal dryness, or urine incontinence, the O-Shot, also known as PRP, may be a helpful procedure for you.

What is the O-Shot/PRP?

The O-shot is a non-surgical in office procedure that normally takes about 30 minutes. From a simple blood of you own blood, the PRP or platelet rich plasma is extracted and injected directly into the vaginal area. The O-shot uses PRP to stimulate growth of new cells in the vaginal walls and clitoris. These platelets increase the number of cells and increase the sensitivity to stimulation.

Who can Benefit from this Procedure?

Any woman who desires a better orgasm may benefit from the O-Shot. Results reported include, where orgasms were difficult to achieve before, they now orgasm regularly and often more intense.

Women with the following symptoms may also benefit from the O-Shot: low sexual desire, difficulty being aroused, trouble reaching orgasm, painful sex, dryness, stress urinary incontinence, and lichen sclerosus.

What are the Benefits?

Along with being non-surgical, the O-shot is drug free and 80% of recipients experience resolution of urinary incontinence. As for sexual health, many experience increase sensitivity, increase libido, and tighter vaginal skin. The fact that the procedure uses your own blood makes the risk of an allergic or other negative reaction extremely low.

How do I get Started?

There is no reason to be self-conscious. Who wouldn’t want to feel amazing in all aspects of their life? To see if you are a good candidate for O-shot, please contact us at Elite Body and Laser either by phone at (614)-334-4944 or you can fill out our online to schedule a free and private consultation.