Most people care about their hair. This is apparent through the plethora of hair products and hairstyling treatments available in the market. But what happens when hair starts thinning and the scalp starts peeling? Read on to find out how PRP Hair Restoration can address this. 


In this article:

  1. What is PRP Hair Restoration?
  2. How does PRP treatment procedure go?
  3. When will I see results?
  4. Who qualifies to undergo PRP Hair restoration
  5. How much does PRP Hair Restoration cost?


PRP Treatment Solution for Hair Loss Explained

Hair loss or alopecia is a common occurrence that affects both men and women. It can result from hereditary or several epigenetic factors such as hormonal changes, medical conditions, and aging. 

Hair loss can be associated with gradual thinning on top of the head, receding hairline, and patchy bald spots. Although not openly discussed, hair thinning and baldness cause psychological distress to people experiencing it. Some men experience early-stage baldness in their 20s, and this progresses eventually with aging. This sometimes affects self-confidence and makes a person conscious of his or her appearance. 

One of the modern treatments for hair loss is PRP hair restoration. Although relatively new, PRP hair restoration treatment and auxiliary procedures such as microneedling and laser have shown to have positive results in androgenetic and alopecia areata patients. Here we answer the questions about PRP Hair Restoration and how it works.


What Is PRP Hair Restoration, and How Does It Work?

a woman is surprised when looking at the hairbrush with lots of hair | PRP Hair Restoration: How It WorksPRP (platelet-rich plasma) hair restoration is a treatment for hair loss, which primarily involves drawing blood from a patient, which is then processed and injected to the scalp.  

Through microneedling, controlled “wound” is introduced together with platelets and peptides. This process stimulates and maintains natural hair growth by increasing the supply of blood in the hair follicle. Aside from hair growth, PRP may also result in increased hair thickness, which can help cover the affected areas.


How Does PRP Treatment Procedure Go?

PRP Hair Restoration consists of three treatments divided every 4-6 weeks. Here at Elite Body and Laser, we offer the 90-Day Program to increase the hair growth phase and to allow the follicles to have more time to strengthen and grow.  

PRP Hair Treatment normally requires three steps that take 90 minutes in total to complete:

  1. Blood collection. A significant amount of blood will be drawn from your arm. The collected blood will be placed in a centrifuge to separate blood components.
  2. Separation of blood components. The blood sample is now separated into three layers— red blood cells, platelet-poor plasma, and the gold layer, the platelet-rich plasma.
  3. Application of PRP and peptides into the affected area. A topical anesthetic is first applied in the scalp treatment area. This is followed by PRP injections and a microneedling procedure technique to create tiny wounds for the peptides to penetrate the scalp easily.

After the treatment, patients may experience pain similar to that of a headache. This is manageable by taking Tylenol. Mild swelling may be seen within the first 48 hours after treatment, so it is advised to avoid heavy scalp activities that may directly contact the scalp.                                                           


When Will I See Results?

woman with long brown hair | PRP Hair Restoration: How It WorksThe duration as to when PRP Hair Treatment results show may vary from individual to individual. Most cases take 2-3 treatments to see results.  


Who Qualifies for PRP Hair Restoration?

PRP Hair restoration is a non-invasive treatment, and almost anyone, men and women, can undergo this procedure. PRP hair restoration stimulates growth in affected areas, and it can also be a preventive method for early-stage hair loss.

People taking medications or having existing conditions such as low platelet count, thyroid disease, cancer, and chronic liver disease must first consult their physicians for advice or choose a different hair regeneration method.


How Much Does PRP Hair Restoration Cost?

PRP Hair treatment is generally considered as a cosmetic procedure and is usually not covered by insurance. Our PRP service is categorized into two:

  Hair Restoration Silver Package ($2,299) includes:

– Three Hair PRP Treatments

– 3 Month Nutrafol Supplement 

 Hair Restoration Gold Package ($3,999.00) includes:

– Two Hair PRP Treatments

– Four Peptide Treatments

– Nutrafol Supplements 

Feel free to contact us to know which package best suits your needs. 

Hair loss is a viable concern among men and women. Thanks to modern advances in science and aesthetics, this can be addressed through PRP Hair Restoration, a non-invasive, quick, and generally safe treatment for hair loss. Please check with your doctor for concerns before considering treatment. 


Wondering if cellular hair growth is for you? Know more about PRP Hair Restoration and how we do it. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with us.