Christie Brinkley Interview Ultherapy

Christie Brinkley Interview Ultherapy



Style and Beauty Director at Family Circle, Dori Price, interviews Christie Brinkley with a focus on her beauty routine. Christie notes she feels so lucky that right before she turned 64 she learned all about Ultherapy which she is “so happy to tell all of her all her friends and other women about,” sharing that Ultherapy is non-invasive and encourages elastin and collagen production.

Christie addresses the areas that Ultherapy treats, including the neck, jaw and décolletage. She discusses that she heard Ultherapy was painful but that only one of her friends had an issue with pain and others felt there was discomfort but it was over quick. Christie notes that most people go in once a year or every 18 months for treatment, and positively highlights that “there’s no downtime, which is amazing.”

She does mention that she took valium during her treatment because she was nervous. Christie raves that “your skin looks flawless as you come out” but “there’s only a slight amount of swelling which actually sort of indicates what your skin will look like” but “it works.”

During the Q&A portion of the interview, a consumer asks more about Ultherapy and Christie directs viewers to the brand website to learn more and find a doctor. She also shares, “It’s a treatment that you can tighten up and lift your skin, and it really does work.”

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