WarmSculpting vs CoolSculpting

Even with diet and exercise, most people have stubborn pockets of fat that seem impossible to lose. SculpSure’s non-invasive fat reduction technology has been clinically proven to reduce the number of fat cells in the treated area in just 25 minutes. Other fat freezing technologies remove heat from the fat cells, freezing and crystalizing them,

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Mind Your Plate! The Food-Mood Connection

by Milene Brownlow, PhD Nutritional psychiatry is a rapidly growing medical field studying the connection between the role food and diet quality plays in  how we feel.1 We intuitively understand the body-mind connection and how it affects our day-to-day. We get butterflies in our stomach when nervous, our heart races when we are excited, and our

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Vitamin D & Vitamin K

by Sara Gottfried, MD and Nilima Desai MPH, RD Dynamic duos exist throughout culture: Batman and Robin. Thelma and Louise. They also exist in lifestyle medicine, because nutrients don’t fly solo. They interact often interdependently, act as cofactors in metabolic pathways, and compete for receptors. One example is how vitamin C helps you absorb more

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Immune Health Support

by Melissa Blake, ND A happy immune system is an important component of wellness. In light of the recent flu outbreak associated with the Coronavirus (COVID-19), the task associated with supporting immune health has become increasingly significant. Avoiding illness is not always possible, but there are several steps healthcare providers can help patients put in

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a woman is peeling her chin skin | Feature | 7 Different Saggy Skin Solutions

7 Different Saggy Skin Solutions

Wondering which skin procedure would work best on you? Please take a look at the range of services we’ve got especially tailored for every skin need.  RELATED: What is Secret RF?    In this article: Botox Dysport Ultherapy Microneedling Sculptra Restylane Kybella   I Have Saggy Skin—Which Treatment is Best for Me? When we talk

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a women is smiling and touching her cheek | Feature | 5 Ultherapy Benefits For Looking Younger

5 Ultherapy Benefits For Looking Younger

Achieve naturally looking firm and toned skin minus the surgery with Ultherapy, a non-invasive ultrasound procedure that significantly lifts skin on the brows, chin, neck, and upper chest. In this article: All About Ultherapy Benefits of Ultherapy No Needles and Scalpels Natural-Looking, but Noticeable Results A Great Alternative for Facelift Achieve Long-lasting Results in One

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2 hands holding a knife and a fork combining with a white plate and a clock on top | Feature | 10 Reasons Why Intermittent Fasting Is The Simplest Diet Ever

3 Reasons Why Intermittent Fasting Is The Simplest Diet Ever

Want to learn about intermittent fasting? Know the best intermittent fasting schedule that works best for you.   In this article: Intermittent Fasting FAQ What is intermittent fasting, and how does it work? What are the benefits of Intermittent Fasting? Which Intermittent Fasting schedule can I follow? What should I eat in intermittent fasting? How

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a women is having tattoo removal treatment | Feature | Enlighten By Cutera: The Best Laser Tattoo Removal (How It Works)

Enlighten By Cutera: The Best Laser Tattoo Removal (How It Works)

At Elite Body and Laser Columbus, we feature Cutera Enlighten which is a state-of-the-art technology of laser tattoo removal. Provides better clearance on a variety of colors, depth, density-safe for all skin types. Frequently Asked Questions: How do Tattoos Work? What is Enlighten by Cutera? How does Enlighten by Cutera work? Can you completely remove

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Don’t be Tricked by Your Tattoo

Don’t be Tricked by Long Painful Procedures Introducing Cutera enlighten, the most advanced laser system for safe and effective tattoo removal. Why is Cutera enlighten the best? Enlighten uses high-power picosecond laser pulses and longer nanosecond pulses to break down the ink particles in tattoos. Using the longer and shorter pulses is more efficient and

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