Wrinkle Reduction

Take Years off Your Skin with Just One Treatment

Look as young as you feel with laser revitalization treatment that reduces unwanted signs of aging, including wrinkles around your eyes and mouth. Just one laser treatment can diminish the deepest lines — without surgery, with minimal downtime, and with long-lasting results.

You can use Laser revitalization for:
Wrinkles around the eyes (periorbital wrinkles)
Wrinkles around the mouth (perioral wrinkles)
Crow’s feet
Frown lines
Lipstick lines
Smokers’ lines
Facial wrinkles
You can also treat other areas of the body, such as hands, arms, and décolletage.

It’s a great option for:
Treating wrinkles with minimal discomfort
Maximum wrinkle reduction
Younger-looking skin without drastic facial changes
Dramatic, yet natural-looking results

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Wrinkle Reduction Q&A

A Powerful Treatment for all Types of Wrinkles
Easier than Surgery
How does it work?
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How long does it take?
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How many treatments will I need?
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